Continental Portugal: FREE delivery for orders over 60€: all orders higher than  €60 to mainland Portugal, are exempt from payment for transport.

You can not  set delivery time on orders sent by carrier. The order must be delivered between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. If someone is not in the address of delivery to receive the merchandise we can not guarantee delivery on the scheduled day, receive a postcard in your mailbox with a contact to schedule a new delivery. The delivery address does not have to be necessarily the customer. In case of unavailability you can provide us the address of someone you trust to receive the order. You can also request us to ship to the SKPro Collection Point from your area of residence when ordering. Check here the Collection Point of your area of residence.

The time limits for availability in the product data sheets should be considered as indicative only. The availabilities shown in the product listings are based on past supply history for these products. Such estimates do not guarantee future supplies. SKPro always strive to meet these deadlines. SKPro, predicting difficulty in meeting delivery deadlines, inform the Customer , offering you the resolution option contract. By not activating this right, we assume that the Customer maintains the interest in ordering and allows delivery beyond that period.


All orders are processed and shipped then, unless out of stock. 

If there is an article in breach, we inform the client that the article is not available and when it will be available again, if the customer wishes to wait or receive the remaining merchandise. We do not keep the delivery charges offer in case the article is in breach, the client can add this item when making new order at least € 60 or will have to bear the shipping costs.

Deliveries on Saturdays and holidays are subject to a cost plus 2 € and the limitation of areas covered by the carrier's service. If your delivery address is covered, these options will be automatically available in Step - Shipping Methods.

While we use all possible means to ensure that your order is delivered in specific terms, we can not be responsible for delays caused by reasons beyond our control.  However, we will do our best to keep the customer informed of any delays that may occur in the delivery of your order.

If for reasons unrelated to our service, the customer does not receive the order, it will be necessary to pay for a second shipment on behalf of the customerwhether the order is paid or sent to collect. SKPro declines any responsibility, inconvenience or cost associated with undelivered orders due to absence of the customer at the indicated address, lack of means of payment to pay the charge or situations that are due exclusively to the situation of the customer, and not to delivery service under the conditions presented here. When you send the order, SKPro will contact the customer by SMS or by phone, informing the value and expected delivery date.

Confirmed orders that are later rejected or unclaimed from the Carrier have penalties, in addition to legal procedures. Orders that are placed and then returned because they were not accepted by the addressee or unclaimed on the carrier without any justification imply:

• The payment of the shipping cost supported by us to send the order in case of cancellation

• The payment of extra shipping costs in the case of a request for reshipment of the order.

• In the case of non-payment of at least the amount of costs supported by SKPro, the customer registration will be deleted from our system and will be prevented from any future purchase.

SKPro assumes no responsibility for damage caused during the transport of productsTherefore, it is the responsibility of the customer to check the order at the reception, if any anomaly is detected in the packaging, at the time of delivery, it must be immediately communicated to the carrier's collaborator and placed in writing on the transport guide if you do not have the opportunity to check in the momentwrite "Subject to conference" in the distributor's guideyou should also check the number of packages delivered with those mentioned in the carrier's guideAll incidents that may arise will have to be reported on the same day and whenever possible, documented with photographs of the recorded damages.

Shipping costs for an address defined by the client are calculated according to the products purchased and the total amount of the order. The total cost of the shipment is presented at the end of the purchase process and after indicating the delivery address.


Deliveries to Portugal


Portugal Continental




 Class 1 



 3,99 €


 11,99 €


lightweight articles, cosmetics, shampoos, cotton, ...


 Class 2 


3,99 €


 25,00 €


Intermediate weight articles, irons, driers...




Class 3



3,99 €



50,00 €


Large articles, such as, furniture of support, aparatology, ramps…



* From 30kgs, the value will be adjusted according to the weight. Deliveries do not include assembly service (only for islands).

*Free shipping for orders over € 60 (VAT included ), for the islands the payment will always have to be anticipated, the payment against delivery is not accepted.


Delivery to Spain

Up to 10Kgs - 10€

10-15Kgs – 12.5€

15-20Kgs – 15€

20-25Kgs – 20€

25-35Kgs – 25€

35-40Kgs – 30€

+40Kgs – 1€ por Kg

Deliveries in the Balearic and Canary Islands subject to budget


Delivery to Europe



Weight per volume (Kg)


Zone 1


Zone 2


Zone 3


Zone 4


Zone 5


Zone 6


Zone 7


14,99 €

15,99 €

15,99 €

17,99 €

21,99 €

28,99 €

33,99 €


19,99 €

21,99 €

22,99 €

25,99 €

30,99 €

42,99 €

51,99 €


20,99 €

23,99 €

23,99 €

26,99 €

33,99 €

45,99 €

56,99 €


23,99 €

26,99 €

26,99 €

29,99 €

36,99 €

51,99 €

62,99 €


30,99 €

36,99 €

35,99 €

39,99 €

46,99 €

64,99 €

67,99 €

Delivery time

up to 3 days

up to 4 days

up to 4 days

up to 5 days

up to 6 days

up to 5 days

up to 10 days


Zone 1- Germany

Zone 2- Poland and Czech Republic

Zona 3- France, Monaco, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria and Luxembourg

Zone 4 - Slovenia, Denmark, Slovakia, Lithuania and Hungary.

Zone 5- Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia and Iceland.

Zone 6- Finland, Romania and Bulgaria

Zone 7- Greece

Prices excluding VAT


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